The conclusion of the agreement between a Customer and a Seller can be done on two ways. Prior placing the order the Customer has rights to negotiate any terms of agreement with the Saler including changes of the following rules. The negotiations should be carried out in the paper way and directed to the Seller address (ROTOPINO.PL S.A. ul. Towarowa 36, 85-746 Bydgoszcz). In case of Customer's resignation from the possibility of conlusion the agreement via individual negotiations the following terms and proper law  are in use.



1.Online stor is run by the company:



 Towarowa 36              

 85-746 Bydgoszcz

NIP: PL9532472649, REGON: 093188712,

ROTOPINO.PL S.A. was signed in the National Court Register by the  13th Regional Court, Economic Department KRS: 0000300709

KONTO BANKOWE: 60 1030 1289 0000 0000 8924 8008


further called "Seller".


2. The Buyer  can be an adult natural person, corporation or organization unit bearing no corporation characte , further called "Customer"


3. The orders can be placed 24 hours a day.


4. Conclusion of the agreement is carried out at the moment of placing an order by the Customer. Fulfilling the cash-on-delivery order is carried out immidately and orders paid via bank transfer or via electronic payment-after booking Buyer's payment on the Sellers account.


5.The purchased goods with the  sale's document (invoice) selected by Buyer is shipped via delivery service selected by Buyer to addres given by Buyer at the order form.


6.The Seller takes 2-year responsibility since the purchase date in case of any imcopliance of the goods in accordance with 10th article of "Terms and condtions of consumer's affairs from 27th of July 2002 " and other proper law rules


7.In case of any imcompliance of the goods with the contract, rule relating to the imcompliance and expectations relating to fulfillment of the commitments ought to be sent to address of the Seller.


8. Within 10-day period from the receipt of the ordered product, the Buyer has right to withdraw the agreement without reasons given, according to terms corresponding to rules relating to distance agreement conclusion. According to this rule 

AV-goods and goods stored on data storage devices after removing the orginal package. The Seller withi five days is obliget to money return with duty due interest.


9.All prices are given in Polish currency and are gross prices (include VAT). The products do not include the shipping cost which a\is given in delivery service price list.


10. The Seler is obliged to abide by personal data privacy policy according to "Act on personal data privacy policy fro 29.08.1997"(Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 883) and Act on Rendering Electronic Services. The Buyer accepts processing his personal date by providing personal data by Seller at placing an order to fulfill the placed order.


11.None of terms of the following rules has intention of violation of Buyer's rights. It cannot be interpreted in this way because in case of imcompliance if any part of rules with law in force the Seller declares absolute abiding by this right with replacement the questioned one.


12. The registered Buyers will be informed on Terms changes and their extent via e-mail (to the address given at registration or at placing the order). The proper notification will be sent at least 30 days before the validation of the new rels. The changes will be introduced in order to adapt them to the in-force law.


13.Current version of rules is always available for Buyer on tab "Rules". In the course of the order implementation and entire post-order period Buyer's assistance rules accepted by Buyer is in force at placing an order. Apart from the situation when the Buyer acknowledges in-force rules as less beneficial than the former one and inform the Seller on choice of the in-force rules.


14. The Seller provides the Buyer compatibility with the following web bowsers: IE vercion 7 or newer, FireFox wersja 3 or newer, Opera wersja 9 or newer, Chrome wersja 10 or newer, Safari with installed verisons of JAVA and FLASH, with screens of more than 1024 px resolution. Using of other companies software can affect the compatibility of bowsers and can also affect correct viewing of the online store website thats why to gain the full funcionality of the online store all bowsers should be started.


15. In case any unclear affairs which cannot be solved with the following rules, the proper in-force rules are in use. The court of law deals with disagreements.


I am familiar with the rules and accept privacy policy of online store.

I hereby consent the use and process my personal data for fulfillment order and also giving my e-mail address to online store with HQ in Bydgoszcz by the Seller also in order to fill up the survey on process of placing and fulfillment of the orders and survey on product (in accordance wit act of personal date privacy policy from 29.08.1997).