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Technical details:

  • Maximum temperature: 500 °C
  • Maximum amount of air: 100 l/min
  • Weight: 1.79 kg
  • Carry case: yes
  • Temperature control: yes


BHG 360 Cordless Heat Gun 36 Volt 1 x 2.6Ah Li-Ion Battery


The Steinel BHG 360 heat gun has a powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery. This cordless version of the practical HG 350 S provides ultimate freedom of movement for hot-air applications - even at places without mains power.

The formidable 36-volt li-ion power pack that drives the heat gun has a capacitance of 2600 mAh and delivers the energy for 15 minutes of unrestricted hot-air work. It has no memory effect and impresses with minimal self-discharge. As a result, this hot air tool - which provides the same temperature stages at its mains-powered counterpart - is immediately ready for operation even after a prolonged period out of use.

The BHG 360 features an LED lamp for steady lighting in the working area. The charger supplied with the tool recharges the battery to 75% capacity in just 30 mins and to full charge in 60 mins.


Air Temperature With/Without Nozzle: 400°C/500°C.
Airflow: 100 litres/min.
Charging time 2.6 Ah 30 min (75%) 60 min (100%).
Run Time: 15 min.
Weight: 1.79kg.

Standard Equipment

1 x Steinel BHG 360 Cordless Heat Gun 36 Volt
1 x 36 Volt 2.6Ah Li-Ion Battery
1 x Charger

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