1. Prelimenary information

    Company ROTOPINO.PL S.A. takes care of service users right to privacy, paying particular attention to protecting their personal data. This is achieved through appropriate system solutions to prevent any interference by third parties in the privacy of our users.
    Reviewing offer store Rotopino.co.uk, looking for information or ordering products on page Rotopino.co.uk, while you accept the rules contained in the Privacy Policy on this website.
    ROTOPINO.PL S.A. as the owner of Rotopino.co.uk, reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Making changes does not affect the principle: do not sell or share personal information to third parties or addresses of customers / users ROTOPINO.PL S.A..

  2. Personal Data

    Register at the store Rotopino.co.uk is not required to make purchases, but allows the user to use the additional options and the use of discounts.
    Personal data to be included in the registration form, include your name, username and password, necessary to place orders for Rotopino.co.uk. Under the existing Law on Personal Data Protection in the registration form you must agree to the processing of personal data for purposes of ROTOPINO.PL S.A.
    By the processing of personal data, we understand the use of their sole purpose of making the contract, ie the issue of consignment note, sending an invoice for the goods, contact us for information about the shipment.
    Your personal information may also be collected in order to provide additional services or the organization of competitions by ROTOPINO.PL S.A..

    You made an order in the shop Rotopino.co.uk, which previously has not registered, must fill out the form with details of the shipment.
    Consent for processing personal data for marketing purposes ROTOPINO.PL S.A. is entirely voluntary. Each user has the right to inspect and correct the data provided. This is possible through contact with the operator of the store or directly to page Rotopino.co.uk the form to edit user data (for users with an account - ie a login and password).

  3. Explicit Personal Data

    Personal data provided during the review of the product are available to all visitors to pages containing this data. The person assessing a given product in the store has the option of providing their personal data or can sign with the nickname of their choice.

  4. Delete usere's account

    Any user who created an account at the store Rotopino.co.uk, it can seize the opportunity to delete your account at any time. It will be deleted immediately or after the completion of assigned contracts. This will remove all data, along with e-mail address contained in the database.
    There is no way to restore a deleted account. The customer will have to re-create it and give us the details.

  5. Feedback

    All comments posted by customers on products and / or evaluation of the shop which will become the property ROTOPINO.PL S.A., which means that they can be used in the original or abridged form to promote the store or in the products.
    Comments referred to above, will never be signed full name unless you have given consent. ROTOPINO.PL S.A. undertake to use the comments in the original context and to promote a product that was the intention of the author.
    The opinions contained in the comments are the opinions of customers and not employees of the company ROTOPINO.PL S.A..

  6. Data Security

    Online Store Rotopino.co.uk is built on the latest software and hardware model of the world's best solutions.
    This prevents the penetration of contained on our website data to third parties.

  7. What data do we collect about you?

    In order to use certain features of our system the registration is required. During the conference, we will ask you for your e-mail intended for the use of our website, password, name and personal data. 

    Prior to the purchase of goods in shop Rotopino.co.uk,you will be asked for your name, address, phone number and details of the choice of payment methods such as the type and credit card number, expiration date and CVV number (if you opt for payment by credit card .)

  8. Data collected automatically

    During the Customer's visit at Rotopino.co.uk page the IP address of the Customer's computer, which is used, is saved automatically.

  9. How do we use your data?

    Data gathered about the Client in any case are not sold to third parties. Data obtained during the purchase transaction will be used solely for the purpose of the transaction, including the taking of the amount due and shipping goods. To charge your credit card, the customer may be transferred to a company that supports payment transactions, and the trucking company to delivery.
    If the customer has consented to receive our Newsletter, the data will be used to send it to the person.
    Automated collection of data (IP) can be used to analyze user behavior on page Rotopino.co.uk, collecting demographic data about our users, or to personalize the content of our web site. These data are collected automatically for each of the users of the site.
    As for the control of the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection, the customer may be made available to employees of the Inspectorate in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.
    In the event of breach of the Rules of the shop

    , Violations of law or when required by law, we may disclose your information to the judicial authorities.

  10. How can we contact you?

    If you purchased the product, you may receive from us an e-mail or SMS on the status of the contract. It is also possible by phone.

  11. The use of cookies files

    During the viewing our website we can use so-called cookie files for identification

  12. Changes in our Privacy Policy

    ROTOPINO.PL S.A. reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy by publishing the new Privacy Policy on this page.

  13. Security rules

    In the case of shared use of one computer with other people, after using the services Rotopino.co.uk, remember to sign out, so nobody can use or modify Customer's resources or information concerning him.
    Data provided by the customer during the ordering are known only to him and ROTOPINO.PL S.A. guarantee not to disclose it to anyone. You too cautious in making them to third parties.