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Technical details:

  • Wattage: 510 W
  • Torque: 38.8 Nm
  • Rotational speed: 550 rpm
  • Rotations control: no
  • Number of gears: 1
  • Impact: no
  • Handle type: auto-clamping
  • Maximal diamater of the mounted drill: 13 mm
  • Carry case: no
  • Weight: 2 kg


The product's features:

  • Quck-mounted grip
  • Large torque combined with a low rotation speed
  • The side grip for more certain driving; it can be folded down from both sides
  • Thanks to reverse/forward function it is fit for hreading and driving in screws
  • Handy strap fastener provides greater manouverbility
  • Step-free electronic regulation of rotation speed

The technical specifications:

  • Input wattage 510W
  • No-load rotation speed 0-550 min-1
  • The range of grip's angle 1,5-13 mm
  • Maximal torque 38 Nm
  • Wood drilling capacity up to 36mm
  • Steel drillng capacity up to 13 mm
  • Weight: 2,0 kg

The basic equipment:

  • Quick-mounted drilling chuck
  • Side grip


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