• Type: medium box
  • Modular: yes
  • On wheels: no
  • With an organizer: yes
  • Removable buckets: no
  • Removable compartments: no
  • Tool tray: no
  • Mounting rail: no
  • Drawer: no
  • Gasket: no

Basic set elements:

  • Half Size Internal Tote

The Dewalt DWST83343-1 TSTAK 2.0 Organiser Top Deep Box is part of the upgraded TSTAK Range with an IP54 rating providing water and dust protection to tools inside deep box. It has an organiser flip-up top with seven compartments of varying sizes to store small components or fixings and a heavy-duty long carry handle. Internally the box has 280mm of useable storage height and a half sized tote tray. Dewalt Tracker Ready with a fixing point built in to allow a Tracker to be installed and the box tracked via DEWALT Tool Connect.


  • Long Aluminium Top Carry Handle - For the ultimate durability
  • Organiser Top Compartment (NOT IP Rated) - For easy access to fixings and small tools
  • Dewalt Tracker Ready - Fixing point built into the TSTAK box to allow a DEWALT Tracker to be installed and the box tracked via DEWALT Tool Connect
  • Lockable - Via Padlock (Not Included) For Added Security
  • Heavy Duty Metal Front Latches - increasing strength, durability and longevity
  • Metal-Pin Side Latches - allowing TSTAK modules to be connected together. The metal pin design provides longer life
  • IP54 Waterseal - Providing Water And Dust Protection To Tools And Fixings Inside The Box

Basic set elements:

  • Half Size Internal Tote

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