Technical details:

  • Wattage: 550 W
  • Maximum belt speed: 1000 m/min
  • Speed control: yes
  • Belt length: 533 mm
  • Belt width: 30 mm
  • Carry case: no
  • Weight: 2.1 kg


Belt sander Model 9031

Makita belt sander is a tool equipped with abrasive belt sanding with 200-1000 m/min speed. High rated power of the motor (500W) lets the user work quickly and efficiently. The tool is also equipped with dust suction unit and it provides keeping the working place clean. The main application of the belt sander is preparative and decorative large-surface tasks. 


Product characteristics:

  • Belt sander 9031 from Makita brand
  • Variable speed control dial (656-3,280 ft./min.) enables user to match the speed to the application
  • Compact with less weight (4.6 lbs.) for use in close quarters work with excellent manueuverability
  • Multi-position side handle for easy and comfortable operation
  • It can be used for sanding metal, glass, wood, ceramics and other materials
  • Connects to dust collector for a cleaner work environment

Technical specifiactions:

  • Input wattage: 550 W
  • Belt speed (variable speed): 200-1000 m/min (656-3280 ft/min)
  • Belt size 533x30 mm (21x 1-15")
  • Weight 2,1 kg (4,63 lbs)

Standard equipment:

  • Belt sander
  • Side grip
  • Set of sanding belts


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