Technical details:

  • Power type: petrol
  • Brushless motor: no
  • Blowing function: yes
  • Suction function: yes
  • Shredding function: yes

Product description:


Easy start 4-stroke petrol engine


Can be used as a Blower or Vaccum

Improved exhaust emissions are EPA Phase II compliant while maintaining power and performance

Improved configuration for easier refueling and maintenance



Technical description:


Petrol: E95

Max Flow: Airflow 10.1m/min

Engine: 4-stroke DHV

Cubic Capacity: 24.5cc

Net Weight: 4.4kg

Displacement: 24.5cm³

Power Rating: 1.1Hp /0.81kW

Air volume: 10.1m³ /min

Fuel tank: 0.52l

Standard equipment:

2part Long pipe

Flat sweep nozzle attachment



Reviews - MM4 4-Stroke Hand Held Blower 24.5cc Makita BHX2501
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