This Bosch mitre segment for FSN guide rails allows the user to cut angles. By joining this mitre segment to your rail, you can place the pivot arm against your work and the rail will guide the saw to the desired angle. The Bosch FSN guide rail system for use with the GKS G and GKT G models enables rapid completion of precise, straight cuts.


  • Quick and accurate way to cut angles with your guide rail
  • Mitre segment joins to rail, bevel arm sits against work edge
  • Pivot and lock to the required angle
  • Graduated scale 0 - 45 left or right
  • The mitre segment helps to easily set the guide rail on the work piece for exact 90degree cuts or cuts at other angles
  • Includes end caps and splinter guard


  • Product Dimensions: 490 x 290 x 50 mm

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