• Package: set
  • Quantity in package: 36
  • Length: 25 / 50 / 65 mm
  • Impact: yes
3-6 days
£51,64 Gross price
Gross price / 1 pcs

The Bosch 2608522365 is a Pick and Click Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Set with 36-Pieces. A customisable set containing highly robust bits that are ideal for heavy duty applications, even withstanding the high power of impact drivers. The bits feature an extended torsion zone making them  extremely sturdy for long-lasting work. S2 Modified Steel and an optimised heat-treatment process provide extra-tough endurance for high performance, including in plant installations or heavy industrial work. Featuring a 1/4-inch external hex shank for use with drill drivers, screwdrivers, and especially with impact drivers. The set is part of the Bosch Pick and Click system, which enables individually buildable accessory sets for fully customisable bit collections. Click-fitting slots perfectly secure individually purchased packs for a personalised collection and the easy replacement of old packs.


  • Pick and Click Impact Control Screwdriver Bit Set, 36-Pieces is a customisable set with robust bits for heavy duty work
  • 8mm, 10mm, 13mm Nut Drivers and Bits in both 25mm, 50mm and Double Ended 65mm
  • Extended torsion zone makes it extremely sturdy for long-lasting work
  • S2 Modified Steel and optimised heat treatment process provide extra-tough endurance for high performance


  • PH1 x 1, PH2 x 3, PH3 x 1, PZ2 x 2, PZ3 x 1, T15 x 1, T20 x 2, T25 x 2, T30 x 2, T40 x 1.
  • PH2 x 2, PZ2 x 2, T20 x 1, T25 x 1, T30 x 1.
  • PH1 / PH2 x 1
  • PH2 / PH3 x 1
  • PH2 / PZ2 x 2
  • S5.5 / S5.5 x 1
  • T15 / T20 x 2
  • T25 / T30 x 1
  • 8mm x 1
  • 10mm x 1
  • 13mm x 1
  • Weight:  0.7kg

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