The Makita E-05664 Holder is designed to safely store and transport guide rails, connectors and brackets. The universal guide rail holder - fits both 1.4m & 1.5m rails. It protects them from scratches and knocks during transportation and storage. Adjustable hook and loop straps to secure the rails. With a front pocket with zip for clamps and internal pockets to immobilise shorter guide rails. Durable but lightweight with foam lining for extra protection Strap-belt System included.


  • Front pocket with zip for storage
  • Heavy duty zips
  • Padded lining
  • Water and Tear-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable hook & loop straps to secure the guide rails in place
  • Quick release buckles on shoulder strap system for added convenience
  • 3 Layer technology
  • Rubber grip carry handle


  • Length: 1565mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Weight 1.45 kg

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