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Technical details:

  • Disc type: HM - cemented carbide
  • Disc diameter: 260 mm
  • Slot diameter: 30 mm
  • Number of teeth: 60
  • Tooth shape: ATB - alternate top bevel


The Festool 494604 is designed for working with every type of wood and wood composite as well as building panels, gypsum fibre boards and soft plastic. With alternating teeth and a medium chip angle, this saw blade is suitable for both rip cuts and cross cuts.


For all wooden materials, building panels, fibre boards and soft plastic
Medium cut - suitable for rip cuts and cross cuts
To be used in conjunction with the Festool KS 120 and KS 88 mitre saws


Diameter - 260mm
Cutting width - 2.5mm
Hole diameter - 30mm
Chip angle - -5 °
Teeth - 60

Reviews - Festool 494604 Universal Saw Blade 260mm x 30mm x 60T Festool 260X2,5X30 W60
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