• Disc type: HM - cemented carbide
  • Purpose: wood
  • Disc diameter: 190 mm
  • Slot diameter: 30 mm
  • Number of teeth: 60

The XR Extreme Runtime Circular Saw Blades can deliver up to 35 metres of cut when used with the 54v FLEXVOLT Circular Saw in comparison to 16 metres when used with standard XR 18V Power Tools. The DT99564 is best suited to tougher applications in various timbers and profiles, the 60 tooth configuration suits cross cut applications providing a smooth cut finish. to the professional user. With efficient debris removal, this saw blade has been specially engineered to meet the DeWalt Extreme Runtime benchmark with twice the working lifespan and performance. 30mm bore to suit a variety of circular saws. 


  • Gives 1.5 times the amount of cuts when used with XR FLEXVOLT power tools 
  • Twice as durable as similar standard accessories 
  • Extreme runtime design 
  • Fine grade carbide tips 
  • Ultra thin kerf 
  • ATB+R tooth configuration 
  • Optimised hook angle for low cutting force 
  • Body slots for low vibration 
  • Optimised face shear for fast cutting  


  • Blade Diameter: 190 mm 
  • Bore Diameter: 30 mm 
  • Number of Teeth: 60 
  • Section Width: 1.55 mm 
  • Material: HW 
  • Hook Angle: 25° 
  • Weight: 1kg 

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