• Power type: corded
  • Disc diameter: 125 mm
  • Wattage: 910 W
  • Speed control: no
  • Maximum rotational speed: 10000 rpm
  • Brushless motor: no
  • Soft start-up: yes
  • AVT(Anti-Vibration Technology): no
  • Slotted Drive System: yes
  • Accessories mounting: M14
  • Package: cardboard
  • Weight: 2.1 kg

Basic set elements:

  • Lamellar Grinding Disc "Flexiamant Super Convex"Guard
  • Innersupport flange
  • Flange nut (without tools) Handle

The new flat-head angle grinder: Master grinding jobs in tight angles quickly and safely.The problem solver for tight angles. Quick working in tight angles up to 43° thanks to extremely flat gear head. Low-fatigue working even on weld seams in difficult positions welding thanks to slim handle. Safe working thanks to flat gear head - for a more uniform result even in the smallest of angles. Excellent quality and greater working speed by virtue of specially adapted accessories.



  • Extremely flat gear head permits working at sharp angles up to 43°Low-fatigue working even at weld seams during out-of-position welding thanks to slim handle
  • Robust long lasting Metabo Marathon Motor
  • Constamatic (C) full-wave electronics
  • Tool quick change without key
  • Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proofed
  • Electronic safety shutdown of the motor if the disc jams
  • Overload protection
  • Electronic soft start
  • No-volt release switch: prevents unintentional startup after power cut
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes
  • Increased productivity: up to 66% time saving of working time for the stripping of slag at 50 cm fillet weld in 45° steel elbow


  • Minimum accessible angle: 43 °
  • Minimum accessible gap (hxd): 66 x 110 mm
  • Grinding wheel Ø: 125 mm
  • Idle revolution: 10.000 /min
  • Rated input power: 910 W
  • Output power: 430 W
  • Revolutions at rated load: 8.200 /min
  • Spindle thread: M 14
  • Weight (without power cable): 2,1 kg
  • Voltage: 240V

Basic set elements:

  • Lamellar Grinding Disc "Flexiamant Super Convex"Guard
  • Innersupport flange
  • Flange nut (without tools) Handle
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