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Technical details:

  • Maximum measurement distance: 60 m
  • Accuracy of a measured value: 1.5 +-mm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg


Product description:


Compact and robust model designed for indoor use

Shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, area, and volume

Stores up to last 10 measurements

Automatic measuring point adjustment

Compact and robust model designed for indoor use

Easy to use

The results are shown on a 3-line display.
Excellent support when measuring from corners or edges

Precise measurement results guarantee fast and faultless work

Handy softgrip

Pythagoras feature

Distances that can't be measured directly, can be determined by using the indirect measuring mode


Technical description:


Measuring accuracy : +/- 1.5mm

Measuring Range: 0.05m-60m


Power Range™

Pythagoras feature

Stores up to last 10 measurements

Button to switch between: length, area, and volume measurement

Measuring scale: metric / imperial

Net Weight: 100g

Battery: AAA 2 x 1.5v

Dimensions (mm): 112x43x25

Tripod thread

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