• The goods supplied should be checked upon receipt. If you find that it has shortcomings, or is damaged, please ask the courier to write a damage protocol and leave you a copy and do not hesitate to contact us at + 48 52 323 68 00 in order to solve the problem. The protocol has to be written down on receipt of delivery.

    In case of difficuilties with product's check or decline drawing up a damage protocol by the courier please take down personal data of delivery company employee-name, surname and phone number and pass this information our customer service employee

  • The basis for the complaint is a qualitative confirmation of the purchase of goods within the company ROTOPINO.PL S.A. Identify the Buyer make on the basis of an order number or invoice or receipt.

    The customer has to choose two ways to advertise non-compliance of purchased goods with the contract:

    1. The customer has the option to advertise the goods from a vendor, which is ROTOPINO.PL S.A.. Such a complaint must be made in writing and send it via e-mail info@rotopino.com or by post to your ROTOPINO.PL S.A. in.
    2. Exercise its powers under the guarantee - in this case, the client advertises goods directly from the grantor guarantees and the company ROTOPINO.PL S.A. is the only mediator transmitting the complaint.
  • Complaints must be submitted in the place of purchase goods, which is our shop, by phone or via e-mail.

    Employees ROTOPINO.PL S.A. immediately contact you and inform You on the complaints procedure.

  • If the claim is a qualitative determination of a non-conformity replacement will be made in accordance with the availability of the product in our store.

    In the absence of availability of goods on the exchange company ROTOPINO.PL S.A. undertakes to repay the cash for the goods declared in the complaint.

  • The costs of transport to / from the complaint .

    The customer is obliged to deliver your product at its own expense, to the address given by our staff.
    If the claim is qualitatively shop will pay cash for a transport service, upon presentation of appropriate documents by the client, confirming its price.

    An alternative is to use means of transport, an online store. In this case, receive the advertised goods from the customer to the company ROTOPINO.PL S.A. or complaint to another point via a courier service. Any costs depend on whether the complaint will be considered qualitative or dismissed by the manufacturer.

    If the complaint is found to qualitative customer does not bear any costs associated with the transport service. Transport costs remain with the store.

    If the complaint is dismissed qualitative transportation costs paid by the Client in accordance with the table of fees the courier company.
    ROTOPINO.PL S.A. issue a VAT invoice for the transportation service.